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  • Edinson Cavani
  • Thorgan Hazard
  • Ezequiel Lavezzi
  • Paulo Maldini
  • Diego Costa
  • Andrea Barzagli
  •  Xavi
  • Petr Cech
  • Olivier Giroud
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan

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FWF ONLINE is an online platform for collectors to enjoy interactive activity with cards purchased from selected collections released from 2009-2016, and is provided on an unsupported basis.
Q&A - Quick Start Questions & Answers
Is FWF Online free to play?
- Yes. No purchase necessary.
- If you want to buy cards, click on the Shopping Cart icon (top of screen after login).
How do I play the game?
- Click on the ? icon for HELP info and VIDEOS showing how to play the game
How can I buy cards and what do I get?
- Click on the Shopping Cart icon for in-game purchase. You can also buy cards from the Futera SHOP plus other Futera collections at
- 49 cents (US$) for a Pack of 10 virtual cards
- $24.50 (US$) for a Display Box of 50 packs
- $294 (US$) for a Case of 12 Display Boxes (total 600 Packs)
What do I do with duplicate cards? (more than 1 of the same card)
- Duplicate cards automatically go into your SWAPS FOLDER. You can swap and trade your cards at eFutera - a live, online card trading market (free service). Click on
How can I get cards that are not in Packs?
Go to eFutera for great daily trades! Buy sell and swap. Click on
- OR you could WIN great cards such as LOANSTARS and MYTHICALS FuteraVcards and other special cards and prizes through Facebook and Special Offers
- OR you could find rare cards such as 24ct gold plated Autograph Cards in a virtual pack where, if you find one, a REDEMPTION message will be emailed to you, and the actual card delivered to your door.
What is a ‘Promo Code’ and what do I do with it?
- You can get a Promo Code through a promotion or special offer which will give you free cards. Click on the Shopping Cart and scroll down to ‘Got a Promo Code?’. Enter your Promo Code to download your free cards into your ‘MY CARDS’ album.
What are Tokens for and how can I get more Tokens?
- Tokens can be used to redeem for Special Cards that you may not be able to get elsewhere. Tokens are ‘in-game currency’ (but have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash).
- You get 500 FREE Tokens every time you buy a pack.
- You earn FREE Tokens by playing 100 games in a week.
What is a Training Point?
- It is used to boost your player card’s abilities. For more info go to the main HELP document: Click on
What is an Insert Ratio?
- FWF Online is an online Football Card game, where the features of the online game work hand in hand with the features of the football trading card hobby. An ‘Insert Ratio’ tells you the likelihood of finding a particular type of card in a Pack.
- An insert ratio of 1:4 packs means that a card of that type was inserted into every 4th pack throughout the collection. Therefore if your packs were able to be taken consecutively from the Shop it is likely you would find a card of that type in every 4th pack. Note: As customers are buying packs continually from all over the world your packs may not be received in sequence so there is no guarantee.
- In a Futera Football Card Collection there is a Main Set (Regular Cards) + Insert Cards (or chase/special cards). FWF Online Insert Cards include Heroes (more rare than Regulars with greater playing power), Legends (more rare than Heroes with greater playing power than Regulars and Heroes), Memopower (more rare than Regulars, Heroes and Legends and can also stop or score a goal in a tournament!)
- plus other more rare and special cards such as actual Autographed Cards, ‘1 of 1’ Cards (only 1 exists in the world so are most rare and great to have in your Team), super-playing power ‘Mythicals’, and actual (not virtual) 24ct gold plated Autographed Cards! To see ALL cards in the game, Insert Ratios (rarity), playing powers and play features, visit the CARD GALLERY